Fertility Drugs For Women

Fertility drugs are very helpful and effective for women dealing with fertility issues. Most of the couples rely on these drugs or pills to get and stay pregnant. Fertility drugs help people to conceive even though they have been struggling with getting pregnant. Besides, these drugs are considered to be safer when they are compared with other high-tech procedures such as in vitro fertilization.

How do fertility drugs work?

Fertility drugs help one to ovulate as they stimulate the development of the jhflghieurgiwgeukifollicles. An example of a fertility drug which contributes to ovulation is the clomiphene citrate (Clomid) pill. This pill boosts the ovulation process by increasing the production of the follicle stimulating hormone. These drugs play a crucial role in improving the balance of the hormonal levels in the women bodies. This increases the chances of embryo implantation as well as a healthy pregnancy.

The injectable gonadotropins help in stimulating the ovaries. They are usually prescribed to those women whose bodies fail to respond to Clomid. Fertility drugs used for ovulation these drugs are usually prescribed to those women who are having ovulation disorders. This is considered to be the leading cause of infertility in women. They pay a significant role by optimizing the ovarian environment as well as regulating the ovulation cycles. Ovulation helps one to conceive. Fertility pills are combined with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation to help the women suffering from ovarian problems. This is done to encourage ovulation as it stimulates the ovary to release more eggs during ovulation.

Finding the right dosage of fertility drugs

It is important to take the right dosepoiuytrsyfugiok when dealing with fertility drugs. A low dosage causes an inadequate response. Again an overdose might lead to a serious condition known as ovarian hyperstimulation. This condition causes the ovaries to become larger and get filled with fluid.


This fluid would result in a more serious complication once it is released with ovulation.  You are recommended by the doctors to try different types of fertility pills or drugs before you decide to move on to the high-tech therapies such as IVF.

Risks associated with fertility drugs

Just like with the other medications, fertility drugs are also related to certain side effects. They increase the chances of someone having multiples. This might lead to mature birth. Premature births might compromise the mother’s health as well as that of the infant. You should, therefore, question the doctor about the success rate and safety of the fertility drugs. You should also follow the doctor’s advice when you are using these drugs.

Multiple Drug Therapy For TB

These are the antibiotics prescribes for killing the bacteria which causes tuberculosis. The multiple drug therapy involves treating TB by combining different antibiotics. This therapy is regarded as one of the best treatment options for treating the TB which is growing or developing in the body. Most of the medicines taken are in the form of pills. You are recommended to take several combinations of medicines when you are starting the treatment process.

The recommended standard treatment involves the administration of rifampin, isoniazid, and pyrazinamide for two months. You should then continue with this treatment for another four months, but you take few medicines. Special treatment is also available for those patients who are suffering from drug-resistant TB, HIV as well as pregnant women.

Prepared combinations of medicines have also been developed such as Rifater. Thdhfhhfefhqdqhese help in reducing the number of pills taken by the patient. They also help in minimizing the chances of one missing any dose. The patient should use the drug as prescribed for the failure to take some of the medicines could prolong the treatment process. Failure to stick to the doctor’s prescription could also increase the chances of developing the drug-resistant TB.


Furthermore, there have been some antibiotics which have been developed such as rifampin and isoniazid which can be taken to prevent the spread of TB to other people. They can also be taken to inhibit the development of latent TB into active TB. The combination of antibiotics helps in reducing the treatment period significantly. A singe antibiotic could take 6-9 months whereas a combination of antibiotics would just take three months.

Why should you use multiple – drug therapy?

Combination of several drugs makes the treatment process very effective by ensuring that all the bacteria causing TB are killed. The treatment period and the combination of various drugs might change due to various reasons which include the following:

  • Your age
  • Pregnancy
  • Whether you are suffering from active TB or latent TB

How effective is multiple-drug therapy?

Treating active TB disease

This treatment is very effective against the active TB disease. It takes six months liitr87 yoyyhi8tgitto treat this condition if the drugs are used consistently. Your body might fail to respond to these drugs in case you happen to miss some doses. It is also used in curing TB in patients who have HIV/AIDs. In fact, the cure rate is similar to that of individuals suffering from TB alone.

Treating latent TB infection

You can take isoniazid drug to prevent the development of active TB from the latent TB infection. The different types of antibiotics can be combined for treating latent TB within a duration of three months. You are advised to ensure that you take all the doses to prevent the development of the resistant bacteria.